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Sunrise 7:22am
Sunset 4:28pm
2430 CFS Pineville Gauge
1650 CFS Dam Release

February 11, 2023

CFS at the dam 500 (will bump up to 1200 at 9 PM tonight), CFS at the Pineville gauge 893 to start this morning, but dropped to 851 as of 4 PM - air temperature early this morning was 31 degrees, dropped to 29 degrees from first light to mid-morning, then slowly rose to our high of 36 degrees at 1 PM before beginning a slow drop to near freezing again - we had a total of 11 guests join us today, starting at 6:15 AM through early afternoon - at 1 PM our first guests to arrive were also the first to depart - one reported 1 / 3 Steelhead, drifting 10mm frosted light yellow beads, under a bobber, in the middle section - the other guest was unsuccessful in her endeavors - our next pair of guests came off the run at 2:15 PM, with one reporting that he achieved 1 / 2 Steelhead, drifting egg sacks under a bobber, walking the run from top to bottom - his companion, fishing the same waters, was not able to connect . . . two adults, and two youths, came off the run at 4:45 PM - only one of the youths was able to report 0 / 1 Steelhead - near 5 PM a pair of guests came off the run with good news - one of the guests went 0 / 1 Steelhead drifting a frosted red 10mm bead under a bobber, while the other reported 2 / 6 Steelhead bottom bouncing pink egg sacks - at 5:15 PM a guest reported 0 / 4 Steelhead, drifting frosted pink beads (which accounted for all his fish today), as well as egg sacks, under a bobber - on his heels, our next to last guest reported 0 / 1 first thing this morning, nothing since . . . both had fished the run top to bottom - the very last (diehard) guest came up at 5:35 PM - he reported no success, despite drifting both egg sacks and beads under a bobber, top to bottom of the run . . . the forecast for tonight is: Partly cloudy skies. Low 27F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.. The forecast for tomorrow is: Partly cloudy. High near 40F. Winds light and variable.


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Sunrise: 7:09am

Sunset: 5:28pm

851 CFS Pineville Gauge

500 CFS Dam Release