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Daily Fishing Passes

Reserve your access to premier fishing space along the banks of the Salmon River at the Douglaston Salmon Run.

Daily Fishing Pass

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Pass Price Guide

SeasonStart DateEnd DateMon. -Th.Fri. -Sun.Angler Limit
Winter 31/1/20223/10/2022$25.00$35.0030
Spring 13/11/20225/15/2022$35.00$45.0065
Summer 15/16/20227/3/2022$15.00$20.0030
Independence Day -ClosedClosed$0.00$0.000
Summer 27/5/20228/11/2022$15.00$20.0030
Fall 18/12/20228/25/2022$40.00$50.0065
Fall 28/26/20229/1/2022$50.00$60.00125
Labor Day Weekend9/2/20229/5/2022$75.00$75.00125
Fall 39/6/20229/8/2022$50.00$60.00125
Fall 49/9/20229/22/2022$85.00$95.00250
Fall 59/23/202210/6/2022$85.00$95.00250
Columbus Day 10/7/202210/10/2022$105.00$105.00250
Fall 610/11/202210/16/2022$85.00$95.00250
Fall 710/17/202210/23/2022$85.00$95.00125
Fall 810/24/202210/30/2022$70.00$80.00125
Fall 910/31/202211/9/2022$70.00$80.0085
Veterans Day Weekend11/10/202211/13/2022$80.00$80.0085
Fall 1011/14/202211/23/2022$60.00$75.0085
Thanksgiving Day- AM ONLY11/24/202211/24/2022$45.00$45.0085
Thanksgiving Weekend 11/25/202211/27/2022$75.00$75.0085
Fall 1111/28/202212/18/2022$40.00$50.0065
Winter 112/19/202212/24/2022$25.00$35.0030
Christmas Day - Closed12/25/202212/25/2022$0.00$0.000
Winter 212/26/202212/31/2022$25.00$35.0030

DSR Seasons & Species

Species Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
King Salmon
Coho Salmon
Brown Trout*
Atlantic Salmon*
Smallmouth Bass*

* Mandatory catch & release

King Salmon

Aug - Nov

The largest and most abundant fish in the Salmon River. Well known for its tenacity and unstoppable runs, it's no wonder that the king salmon demands so much attention as a sports fish.

Coho Salmon

Aug - Nov

Coho salmon are generally smaller and range in size from 3 to 10 lbs., averaging around 8 lbs. The world record Coho salmon, caught in the Salmon River, weighed 33 lbs. 4 oz.


Oct - May

Winter run, steelhead begin entering the Salmon River in late October and continue through Spring. They feed aggressively on the abundant salmon eggs in the Fall, thus making it a very good time to go steelhead fishing. Fish that entered the river in the fall will hold over in the deeper pools of the river throughout the winter. Spawning usually takes place during mid-March and through early April.

Brown Trout

Oct - Aug

Brown trout enter the river from mid-September to mid-November. Brown trout are also on a spawning run, but will feed heavily on salmon eggs. It can be difficult to target brown trout, but one option is fishing downstream from actively spawning salmon with egg sacs and egg imitating flies and plastics. Brown trout range from 2 to 20 lbs.

Atlantic Salmon

Apr - Nov

Easily distinguished from their Pacific counterparts by a white mouth and gum line, Atlantic salmon populations are on the rise due to restocking efforts by the NYSDEC and other groups.

Smallmouth Bass

Apr - Aug

Smallmouth by nature, tend to be lazy fish when they are in a river, and prefer to use as little energy as possible when they are on the hunt. Similar to trout, they like to sit in places where they will be out of the current, but have the ability to shoot out and feed quickly and aggressively. Drop-offs and transition water will almost always hold big fish, above you can see us working a seam where the water goes from light to dark as it swirls in a big Salmon River pool.