32° / Clouds
Sunrise 7:22am
Sunset 4:28pm
2430 CFS Pineville Gauge
1650 CFS Dam Release

May 18, 2022

Another cool day today, with temperatures remaining in the 50's, not much overcast in the earlier part of the day making things a bit tough for the duo that joined us.  Water temperatures were up a couple of degrees from yesterday, with this morning's temperature recorded at 52 F, and a recorded temperature of 56 F this afternoon.  Each angler covering quite a bit of water, the angling duo went bass for bass today, with 3 to hand, each.  We will see a bit more overcast tomorrow with a bit of rain expected tonight, into tomorrow morning.


57° / Clouds

Sunrise: 5:36am

Sunset: 8:25pm

256 CFS Pineville Gauge

185 CFS Dam Release