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Sunrise 5:33am
Sunset 8:29pm
277 CFS Pineville Gauge
215 CFS Dam Release

September 9, 2023

Attention Anglers : Friday, 9/8/23 began our ‘Same Day’ Full Day Passes online availability - (Formerly ‘Walk Up’ Passes) - After we have processed all categories of anticipated or scheduled guests, any remaining available passes will be published online, for purchase by the general public, at 7:00 AM each day if you already have an account purchase via this link: if you do not already have an account, first, visit our website create an account [you will not be able to order any passes without an account, as we do not offer "guest (temporary) accounts"] at top left of the home page select Menu (or three bars) from drop down menu select Fishing from drop down menu select Same Day order the pass you will receive a confirmation e-mail, as will we (if you experience technical difficulties, please call Guest Services at 315-298-6722 - select 0) Redemption: Immediately at Welcome Center ____________________________________________________________________ - Afternoon Passes - BEGINNING 9/8/23 Available passes are published at 10:00 AM each day Purchase Via : Redemption : 1:00 PM at Welcome Center 8:30 AM River Patrol fishing report: CFS at the dam 350, CFS at the Pineville gauge 470, air temperature at opening was 62 degrees, water temperature was 68 degrees, currently overcast, almost dead calm, no precipitation - we have 112 guests on the run as of this report - there were a few fish breaching in the estuary section, apparently Kings - in the lower section there was some fish movement just after first light, which petered out slowly, with fish then holding in pools - a few Kings were brought to hand in that section - the center section experienced moderate guest action, primarily with Kings, with one Steelhead brought to hand - again, the fish are sporadically moving then holding - the upper section was slow to quiet as regards guest action, primarily with Kings holding in pools, with one Brown Trout brought to hand in that section - overall, very light fish movement, light guest success at this time


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Sunrise: 6:37am

Sunset: 7:27pm

464 CFS Pineville Gauge

350 CFS Dam Release