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Sunrise 5:33am
Sunset 8:29pm
277 CFS Pineville Gauge
215 CFS Dam Release

September 7, 2023

NOTE: fishing reports are a compilation of first-hand DSR guest reports, as well as DSR staff first-hand and on-the-spot observations, as of a specific time, at specific portions of the run, and are simply a compilation of multiple snapshots of the run, intended simply to provide an overview - they may differ from your own individual observations and experiences throughout the course of your own day - we hope you find them both informative and useful ... 8:30 AM River Patrol fishing report: CFS at the dam 350, CFS at the Pineville gauge 453, opening air temperature 69 degrees, water temperature 73 degrees, hazy (almost overcast) skies, some brief periods of weak sunshine, dead calm - initial indications are that individual fish are trickling from the estuary, through both the North and center channels, up into the run - the fish are continuing their movement upriver, as there are reports of fish moving upriver throughout the entire run - guest action is predominately with Kings, with an Atlantic and Brown Trout in the mix for a little spice - guest angling action was reported as "moderate" at the bottom, "good" in the middle, and a mix of "slow" to "moderate" in the upper sections - NOTE: the past two evenings, guests and staff have reported nice pods of fish pushing up into the run during late afternoon and early evening - the first attached photo, of the very happy guest, is of Steve, from PA, who was a client of DSR Guide Troy Creasy of High Adventure Sportsfishing, with yet another nice Chinook ("King") salmon to complement those he brought to hand yesterday - the picture of the sunrise over the run begs the question "Does it get any better than this . . . ?" - the third picture is of Marissa, with one of four King salmon she brought to hand this morning by 8 AM, guided by DSR Guide Brian Ferman of High Hook Guide Service -
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Sunrise: 6:34am

Sunset: 7:30pm

447 CFS Pineville Gauge

350 CFS Dam Release