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1940 CFS Pineville Gauge
1500 CFS Dam Release

November 6, 2022

consolidated 9 AM and 4 PM River Patrol fishing report: CFS at the dam 335, at the Pineville gauge 453 - water temperature started at 56 degrees early this morning and climbed a few degrees over the day - air temperature started at a warm 71 degrees early this morning - overnight rains did not appear last night, as forecasted, however shortly after opening at 6 AM, a front moved through, the air temperature plummeted to 66 degrees, then to 63 degrees, before at slow climb back up to 65 degrees as of this report - waves of rain worked through our area most of the morning, from sprinkling, through drizzles, through torrents, each relatively short lived - the late morning skies ranged from mostly cloudy, through partly cloudy with weak sunshine - winds ranged from light and variable through very strong gusts - despite rapidly changing weather patterns, the Steelhead did not seem to be effected - early reports from the upper section used words I have rarely heard this season such as "on fire", with "steady pick" describing the rest of the run - as the day progressed, a pattern developed: waves of Steelhead would make their way through an area, providing relatively intense action for a short period, before a lull, then repeating throughout the day - a lot of happy guests reported "good" Steelhead action, with a fair number reporting numbers in the 5s to 7s - "the fish are there" was oft repeated - in the late afternoon, reports indicated the whole run was fishing well, with the most action again centered in the upper section - tonight will be a low of 52 degrees, with a 50% chance of rain showers - the forecast for tomorrow is: Windy with a few clouds from time to time. High 57F. Winds W at 20 to 30 mph.


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453 CFS Pineville Gauge

335 CFS Dam Release