48° / Clouds
Sunrise 6:12am
Sunset 7:53pm
700 CFS Pineville Gauge
500 CFS Dam Release

September 30, 2022

9 AM River Patrol fishing report: CFS at the dam 750, CFS 1030 at the Pineville gauge (dropping slowly) - water temperature 54 degrees, air temperature 52 degrees, cloudless skies with brilliant sunshine, light winds - estuary section reported no fish activity . . . some anglers simply paddling around looking for fish . . . the lower section has very few anglers present, with little observable fish movement, therefore it is difficult to judge that section . . . middle section reported "relatively slow" fish movement and angler success, hookups are occurring however it remains very difficult to bring the large Kings to hand due to the current - the fish in this section are a mix of Kings and Cohos - as we travel upriver, the fish activity and angler success picks up incrementally to "steady movement, hot and heavy angler activity" - again, a mix of Kings and Cohos, with one Brown Trout hooked but not landed - typically, most of the action was at first light, with a slow down after the sun came up over the treeline - we currently have full day fishing passes for sale


46° / Clouds

Sunrise: 7:00am

Sunset: 6:48pm

1030 CFS Pineville Gauge

750 CFS Dam Release