40° / Clouds
Sunrise 6:20am
Sunset 7:47pm
929 CFS Pineville Gauge
750 CFS Dam Release

December 24, 2023

1500 CFS Dam Release (forecasted only through midnight tonight) 1870 CFS Pineville Gauge An overcast, misty, relatively calm day, with temperatures hovering in the very high 30s We had seven total guests pop in today, from just after opening into the late morning, for varied reasons ranging from "new rod I have to test out" to "looks like they did well yesterday!" - I was able to directly speak to six of our guests - one was practicing with his new rod, the others were able to get into only one or two fish each, with the high rod at 2 / 3 Steelhead - the comment was made that "there are not as many fish as yesterday" NOTE: the DSR will be closed for business tomorrow, 25 December 2023; we will reopen for normal business on Tuesday, 26 December, at 6:30 AM. Before planning, or executing, any trip to the DSR please always check for updated dam release information. DSR will be closed to fishing if the dam release goes above 2000 CFS. 2024 Pass Release Information –


36° / Clouds

Sunrise: 7:35am

Sunset: 4:32pm

1870 CFS Pineville Gauge

1500 CFS Dam Release