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Sunrise 6:08am
Sunset 7:57pm
641 CFS Pineville Gauge
500 CFS Dam Release

August 19, 2023

CFS at the dam 750, CFS at the Pineville gauge 1160 to start the day - the CFS remained constant throughout the day, only dropping to 1150 - our forecasted rain showers never materialized - rather, we started cloudy, mid-morning we changed to partly cloudy with blue patches, and now we are at hazy skies without clouds - plenty of sunshine throughout mid-morning through closing, with consistent fairly light winds - our opening air temperature was 65 degrees, and we climbed to 74 degrees for our high - we had a total of seven guests today, with four not joining us until the early to late afternoon - one of the all-day guests, who checked-in just after 6 AM, was shortly rewarded with the first Chinook salmon brought to hand at the DSR this season, weighing in around 20 pounds - Norbert, year after year, is usually the first to accomplish this hallmark - he went on to bring to hand a second salmon, in the mid-afternoon, about 12 pounds - only one other guest took a small break around 5:45 PM - he reported 0 / 1 for a hen salmon that he battled to the shoreline before it took off - he also reported sighting three other salmon cruising through - this guest went right back down to the run, tried a few holes, without further action, leaving around 6 PM - just prior to 6 PM, one of our afternoon guests came off the run - he fished a limited area of the middle section, and was able to hook into a few Smallmouth Bass and Fallfish, but he did not see any salmon moving through - two other guests had checked in around 6:15 AM but have not yet come off the run - something must be keeping them occupied . . . I'll publish this report, then update if there is anything of note -


69° / Clouds

Sunrise: 6:13am

Sunset: 8:03pm

1150 CFS Pineville Gauge

750 CFS Dam Release