32° / Clouds
Sunrise 7:22am
Sunset 4:28pm
2430 CFS Pineville Gauge
1650 CFS Dam Release

November 1, 2022

NOTE: there are some lodges, in prime time 2023, have become available for booking - if you have been waiting for lodging to come open during September through October 2023.

consolidated morning and evening River Patrol fishing report: CFS at the dam 335, CFS 436 at the Pineville gauge - water temperature this morning was 54 degrees, air temperature hovered in the high 50s all day, an overcast day slowly morphed into a very foggy late afternoon that is thickening as we move into the evening, light breezes all day - this morning, it appears that there was a relatively decent pick on Steelhead throughout the run, with the lower end being slightly more productive, reversing a weeklong trend - as guests came off the run, about half flashed a goose egg sign, with the other half indicating moderate success in the two to four range, most being Steelhead, with a couple of Brown Trout showing up - reports in the late afternoon, early evening suggested an uptick in angler success, such as 3 / 7, 4 / 9, - an overnight low of 46 degrees is forecasted, with a slight chance of a shower, and the forecast for tomorrow is: Mostly cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High 57F. Winds light and variable.


57° / Clouds

Sunrise: 7:40am

Sunset: 5:56pm

436 CFS Pineville Gauge

335 CFS Dam Release