63° / Clouds
Sunrise 5:37am
Sunset 8:24pm
299 CFS Pineville Gauge
215 CFS Dam Release

February 8, 2022

Night & Day

Quite the collective crew of anglers on the run today. Talk about experience!  A total of 5 season pass holders trickled in over the course of the morning, most of them stuck it out through the snowy day.  Today just wasn't the day apparently.  A few of the pass holders that joined us today, joined us yesterday as well.  Reports seemed like night and day. One pass holder landing 8 yesterday. Today, zip, nada, none.  They either weren't there anymore, or they were just turned off today.  Some of the pictures these pass holders have shared with us over the past two days have been a majority of completely chrome steelhead, with only a few colored up.  The snow didn't  accumulate to much today, may an inch or so, no issues with slush reported.  


31° / Clouds

Sunrise: 7:12am

Sunset: 5:24pm

430 CFS Pineville Gauge

285 CFS Dam Release




We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work to wrap up the technical issues our guests experienced during the pass release. Anglers who have contacted DSR Guest Services, we haven’t forgot about you, don’t worry. We want to make sure we can address everyone’s request and resolve things to the best of our abilities, to get you planning your fishing trips.  Please stay tuned, as we are in the midst of the final stages of development on our end in order to send out your payable invoices.