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February 2, 2022

6 More Weeks of Winter!

Well, Punxsutawney Phil says another 6 more weeks of winter!  He might just be right looking at tomorrow's forecast. Today, was another treat, with what felt like t-shirt weather after the past few weeks.  Temperatures reached the low 40's, beginning to melt some of the snow and ice that's accumulated.  A whole bunch of anglers joined us, most beginning early morning.  The high stick today was 3 for 5, making short work of things and headed off the run early this afternoon.  But reports from there indicated things started to die down when the sun started all the melt. It's like adding a glass of ice water, to an already cold bath for the fish. A couple of anglers took my warning for granted the other day, and hoofed it all the way down to Spring Hole, to find nothing but ice!  It's probably going to take a bit of water, or a lot of sun to start breaking some of that big ice down there.  Temperatures will continue to drop over night tonight, with a winter storm warning in effect, rain will turn into snow early morning tomorrow.  I think at some point, when you live up here, there's no reason to check the weather report, just expect snow or some crazy weather.


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We so greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue to work through last weeks technical issues. Anglers who have contacted DSR Guest Services, we haven’t forgot about you, don’t worry. We want to make sure we can address everyone’s request and resolve things to get you planning. Good news, today is the second day of February! Please stay tuned as we look to follow up in the later part of the week with, what we hope is nothing but good news for all of our guests who faced issues last Tuesday.