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Sunrise 5:39am
Sunset 8:41pm
1960 CFS Pineville Gauge
1500 CFS Dam Release

December 16, 2023

Please check for updated dam release scheduling ahead of any planned trips to the DSR; closures of the DSR for flows exceeding 2K at the dam may be on very short notice. CFS at the dam is 500 (forecasted to remain there until midnight tonight, no other forecast available at this time), CFS at the Pineville gauge remained steady at 732 - opening air temperature 44 degrees, which only rose to 47 degrees for our high - a very hazy sunrise, with low ground fog, greeted our first of 47 total guests for the day - the rest of the day was partly cloudy to completely overcast, with light winds to begin, ramping up a bit around noon and into the early afternoon, then calming for the late afternoon - tomorrow, this will be another "you should have been here yesterday" days - although a lot of our guests were here shortly after opening time through mid-morning, with only a few latecomers, nobody came off the run until 12:30 PM (usually a very good or very bad sign) - of the 28 guests that I was able to speak to directly, as they came off the run fairly early, five reported no success (three either only fished a short period or were unfamiliar with the river, however inexplicably two were seasoned anglers) - two guests were not able to bring any fish to hand, but had hooked 2 to 3 - eight guests brought at least one fish to hand, hooking up between one to four fish - four guests were able to bring to hand two fish, hooking between four to eight in their efforts - there were also reports of "3", a pair of "4s", 5 / 9, 6 / 7, a taciturn duo with their usual "we got a few" (translated: fishing was very good), with our top rod for today being Dave at 25 independently confirmed fish (!!) - not a bad day in anyone's logbook ... forecast for tomorrow 17 Dec '23: Cloudy with rain developing later in the day. High 48F. Winds SE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 90%. 2024 Pass Release Information –


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Sunrise: 7:31am

Sunset: 4:28pm

725 CFS Pineville Gauge

500 CFS Dam Release