40° / Clouds
Sunrise 6:20am
Sunset 7:47pm
929 CFS Pineville Gauge
750 CFS Dam Release

October 13, 2023

9 AM River Patrol fishing report: CFS at the dam 500 (until 3 PM when it is scheduled to drop to 350), CFS at the Pineville gauge 680 at opening time (currently 673), opening time air temperature 56 degrees, water temperature a nice chilly 52 degrees, blue skies with scattered wispy clouds, brilliant sunshine, dead calm - estuary section reports both Chinook ("King") salmon and Steelhead moving up into the river, providing our guests with "slow" action (hookups few and far between) - just upriver, both Kings and Steelhead are continuing their movement upriver, with a percentage choosing to also hold in various pools, providing "moderate" action for our guests (hooking up but could be better) - in the lower section we see fish holding in pools, both Kings and Steelhead, providing mostly "moderate", a few spots "slow", action for our guests - the remainder of the run (middle and upper sections) all reported "moderate" action on Kings and Steelhead, with a solitary Brown Trout reported from the upper part of the middle section, with these fish choosing to both continue moving upriver as well as hold in pools
featured is Zach, a soldier from the 10th Mountain Division (Fort Drum, NY), with his first-ever Chinook salmon, guided by DSR Guide Scott Mathna of RedLegg Outfitters


47° / Clouds

Sunrise: 7:15am

Sunset: 6:25pm

673 CFS Pineville Gauge

500 CFS Dam Release