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641 CFS Pineville Gauge
500 CFS Dam Release

September 26, 2023

9 AM River Patrol fishing report: CFS 350 at the dam, 442 at the Pineville gauge, opening time air temperature 59 degrees, water temperature 60 degrees, overcast with indistinct patches of blue, dead calm - the estuary section reported predominately Kings moving up at first light, since slowed to "holding in pools", providing "slow" (hooking up, few and far between) action for our guests - just upriver this flow of fish into the run provided "moderate" guest action (hooking up, could be better), on both Chinook ("King") salmon and Steelhead, with the fish moving up though this section as well - in the lower section, fishing action was described as moderate, all Kings, some starting to hunker down into pools - middle section reported fish actively moving upriver, a mix of Kings and Coho, providing guests with moderate action - upper section starts out with moderate action, slow near the top, with Kings and Coho tapering to Kings only at the top, with a mix of fish continuing to move up, with some choosing to start holing up at first light -
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featured are two lucky anglers, from 25 Sep '23, with beautiful fish, including an elusive Atlantic Salmon


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442 CFS Pineville Gauge

350 CFS Dam Release