84° / Clouds
Sunrise 5:33am
Sunset 8:29pm
277 CFS Pineville Gauge
215 CFS Dam Release

September 20, 2023

9 AM River Patrol fishing report: CFS at the dam 350, CFS at the Pineville gauge 453, air temperature at opening 46 degrees, water temperature a chilly 58 degrees, hazy (almost cloudy) blue skies, sunny, very light breezes, no precipitation forecasted for today - estuary section reported fish, apparently Chinook ("Kings"), moving upriver, but guest action is "slow" (hookups few and far between) in that area - just upriver, in the lowest section, it's "deja vu, all over again" (per Yogi Berra) . . . however, action picked up just a bit a little further upriver, with guest action described as "moderate" (hooking up, but could be better) - the middle section is currently the most active section, with reports of Kings and Cohos moving through, providing slow to moderate action for our guests - the upper section continues the trend of fish moving through, with slow to moderate guest action on Kings and Coho -
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55° / Clear

Sunrise: 6:49am

Sunset: 7:07pm

453 CFS Pineville Gauge

350 CFS Dam Release