41° / Clouds
Sunrise 6:22am
Sunset 7:46pm
921 CFS Pineville Gauge
295 CFS Dam Release

August 9, 2022

No guests fished the run today - CFS 185 at the dam, 248 at the Pineville gauge - air temperatures remained in the mid to high 70s all day - an overcast sky, with nice breezes, made for a welcome relief from the brutal heat and humidity combination of the past few weeks . . . the overnight low will be a refreshing 58 degrees, with the forecast for tomorrow as: Partly cloudy skies. High 77F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.
The Estuary Lodge will very soon be opening up for booking 12 through 15 September - please call us should you be interested in booking this lodge
if you are having difficulty obtaining online daily access fishing passes, for the day(s) you wish to fish, here are some potential workarounds:
please note that we begin sales of online daily access fishing passes, for the forthcoming season, in mid-January of each year - please plan accordingly;
continue to monitor our website for the day(s) desired as, on occasion, individuals surrender their pass(es) and we post them back to the website;
renting an available DSR lodge allows you to purchase daily access fishing passes, up to the number of lodge guests, from the day of check-in through the day of check-out;
obtaining the services of a DSR guide will enable you to purchase daily access fishing pass(es) up to the maximum number of the guided party, for the day(s) the party is being guided;
you may want to research the benefits of a season pass, the greatest of which is guaranteed access every day that the pass is active, as well as four coupons each season that guarantee access for up to four guests, who may purchase daily access fishing passes for a reduced amount;
we will have limited opportunities for walk-up full, and afternoon only, daily access fishing passes - on the day(s) you wish to fish, be here at our posted opening time and obtain a numbered ticket (similar to the one you would obtain at the barber shop or any other location where there is an abundance of first-come, first-served, customers) at the kiosk located in front of our Ticket Office - after we have processed all categories of guests, we will determine if there are any tickets remaining (no-shows) and issue any available.


69° / Clouds

Sunrise: 6:02am

Sunset: 8:17pm

248 CFS Pineville Gauge

185 CFS Dam Release