57° / Clouds
Sunrise 5:23am
Sunset 8:43pm
244 CFS Pineville Gauge
185 CFS Dam Release

April 5, 2022

Warmer temperatures today, and finally feeling a bit more like spring here.  A few more days of this, and we might just see the water temperatures creep into the 40's.  This morning the recorded water temperature down here was 38 F.  A few anglers reporting the water is still a bit cooler up river toward the upper fly zone.  One of our guides reporting that the reservoir levels are looking surprisingly good, even after this extended high water release.  Today seemed to be a tough day for our anglers, with only a few fish reported being brought to hand, and a few more lost.  These blue bird skies definitely weren't in our favor.  The fish most likely laying low, and tucked away, getting ready to do their thing.  It's been a bit of a lull here, apparently throughout most of the river. Seems like the annual lull though, pre spawning time.  I mean, would fishing even be fun, if it weren't for all of the adversity and challenges we face as anglers?


61° / Clouds

Sunrise: 6:38am

Sunset: 7:35pm

1040 CFS Pineville Gauge

750 CFS Dam Release