68° / Clouds
Sunrise 5:23am
Sunset 8:49pm
534 CFS Pineville Gauge
400 CFS Dam Release

March 16, 2022


We'll certainly take some more of this weather! A cloudy morning turned into a bluebird day, with temperatures crawling into the 50's. Lessons of the day; check the weather, don't trust the weatherman, wear layers, never overdress.  Some of our anglers managed to break a sweat today. As much as we love blue skies, they can certainly be troublesome.  Reports from our returning anglers today indicated a quieter day today than some of the previous outings in the week past.  Had to work for them yesterday, and today as well.  A few of our anglers hoofed it down to the bottom end of the run, surely taking advantage of the low pressure environment.  And, I dare say it, we have exposed grass on the bank of the Meadow.  Now, don't everyone run.  There's still plenty of icebergs left.  Results from the bottom sections of the run seemed to be less productive than the middle and upper sections today.  With a 900 CFS release, for some, the river has become crossable allowing for more ground to cover, and hit some of the holes that may not have seen an angler in a while.  Water temperatures this morning were recorded at 34 F at 8:00 AM.  It's not much of an increase, but we're getting somewhere.


52° / Clouds

Sunrise: 7:15am

Sunset: 7:11pm

1160 CFS Pineville Gauge

900 CFS Dam Release