69° / Clouds
Sunrise 5:23am
Sunset 8:49pm
540 CFS Pineville Gauge
400 CFS Dam Release

March 4, 2022

Welcome to central New York! Experience all the seasons in less than just one week!! Tonight, temperatures will drop into the teens, picking up some momentum tomorrow,  60 F on Sunday, and then back to snow Monday. Who knows, maybe the salmon will start running tomorrow. Some blue in the sky today, not too cold, but the wind was another story.  The handful of anglers that joined us today reiterated the wind was just a pain in the bass. But, if its not the weather, its the water. A good drift was definitely hard to come by today.  Seems like all of our anglers were able to get into a fish or two, but we all know, when there's wind, there's slack.   Sometimes, its just impossible to get a good hook!


30° / Clouds

Sunrise: 6:36am

Sunset: 5:56pm

938 CFS Pineville Gauge

750 CFS Dam Release