44° / Rain
Sunrise 7:20am
Sunset 4:29pm
1300 CFS Pineville Gauge
750 CFS Dam Release

October 13, 2022

The heavy rain that was forecast for today, thus far, has not materialized. Perhaps things were different in our larger drainage area (Tug Hill, etc.). A short downpour and some showers kept many anglers off the run and therefore it was difficult to get a representative sampling of the quality of the fishing. From what we could assess, there are fish around (particularly on the edges), with a mix of Kings nd better numbers of trout (Steelhead and Brown Trout)
At the time of this posting (6:15 PM) the flow from the dam is scheduled to remain at 1200 cfs through tomorrow night at Midnight and the current flow at Pineville is 1340 cfs (which indicates that at this point there is not much runoff).


53° / Rain

Sunrise: 7:16am

Sunset: 6:25pm

1340 CFS Pineville Gauge

1200 CFS Dam Release