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Fishing Report
Fishing Report
Sun, September 21, 2014
ishing continued to be slow today, however a couple of  early Lake Run Brown Trout, Steelhead, and surprisingly a Walleye were caught on the the run ...
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Focusing on Guest Experience Ushers in New Era for DSR

Early this year, the DSR analyzed the results from its guest survey and planned for the future. In April, we announced minor changes that immediately improved the guest experience. Today, the DSR is very excited to share big changes to be implemented on May 15, 2015.

We expect our plans to improve your fishing experience by

  • Dramatically reducing the maximum number of anglers on the river each day (For example, 250 in salmon season instead of over 500, as in the past)
  • Dividing the year into six fishing seasons, each having different attributes designed to satisfy your passion for fishing specific species  (For example, a $25 day pass and a limit of 30 anglers fishing for steelhead in the winter)
  • Providing flexibility with more options for types of fishing passes and their pricing (For example, full day and afternoon passes from $15 to $75 depending on the season)

*Max. # of anglers includes all guests (not just day pass holders as in the past)
NOTE: Hours of operation will be implemented August 15, 2014.

Guide Client Passes










*Prices for clients of DSR Guide Pass Holders Only

We also expect our plans to improve your lodging experience by:

  • offering lodging at competitive pricing. Fishing passes will be sold separately. (For example, one person staying in our Deer Run Lodge for $60 to enjoy winter solitude)
  • varying the price across the seasons so you can stay with us during any season of the year (For example, four persons staying in our Meadow Lodge for $420 to fish in late September or for $240 in late winter)

Check out all the New 2015 Seasonal Lodge Prices here.
As of May 15, 2015 lodging prices will no longer include fishing passes. Fishing passes will be purchased separately giving lodge guests the choice to fish where they want when they want; in any season.

We announce these plans today for implementation in May 15, 2015 so you can plan ahead. Until then, our current plans remain in place.
Join us as we offer continued refinements in our never ending quest to improve your experience and fulfill our vision:

A destination where like-minded sportsmen share their passion, pride, and appreciation

for the outdoors, and one that inspires camaraderie and memorable experiences for generations to come.