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Fishing Report
Fishing Report for 3/1/2015
Sun, March 1, 2015

We didn't have any anglers today. The weather has moderated as we broke 30 degrees today. As I stated before we expect the Shelf Ice to break up over the coming weeks. The weather for Monday 3/2/20 ...

Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
Address:Pulaski, New York

Fly Tsalmon flyying: Art That Feeds a Sport

Expert Fly Tier Demonstrates at DSR Fly Fishing Show Booth

DSR employee Marc Procopio is hesitant to label himself an expert fly tier. Whether you call fly tying an art or a sport, Marc’s passion for tying flies has been honed over 25 years of creating beautiful and functional flies designed to engage (fool) a fish to strike.


 Marc will be tying front and center at the DSR booth in Somerset, NJ, January 23-25 at the increasingly popular Fly Fishing Show, now in its 16th year. At the fly tying table,  Marc will demonstrate technique and discuss choosing the right elements to create flies that appeal to fish in all types of environments, particularly in the Great Lakes tributaries.  

“Tying flies is about two things,” said the lifelong angler originally from Pittsfield, MA. “First, there’s a problem to solve – you need to create a fly that will meet certain conditions on the water that attract the fish you’re angling for.  Second is nothing but pure imagination and creativity – that’s where my heart lies.”

Over the weekend, Marc will tie six types of flies created to work well on the Salmon River for salmon and steelhead fishing.  Marc’s signature fly is a freshwater shrimp, or mysis, designed to attract Lake Ontario steelhead, fish that consume the freshwater crustaceans as a part of their diet.

Marc laughs when he is asked about how many flies he owns. “Way too many, more than I’ll ever need or use,” he says. “But every fly tier I know is the same!”

Meet Marc at the DSR booth A21/A22 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Show. His Facebook page is http://facebookcom/Marcsfly and he can also be reached at