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Fishing Report
Fri, November 28, 2014

it has been a good day all around - temperature hovering just below freezing, but not a lot of strong winds except in the funnel areas of the river - a very light snow has been falling all day, wit ...

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Remembering Hap

Memorial Honors 'Grand Master' of the River, Drawing to Benefit Family
John Meeks has a hard time thinking of anyone who met Hap Acee that didn't like the guy. Both avid fishermen, John and Hap shared a 25 year friendship that was rekindled each fall on the Salmon River. John remembers Hap as the kind of angler - the kind of person - who everyone loved and wanted to learn from. Especially when it came to fishing

Hap Acee passed away in late 2013 after suffering a stroke while doing what he loved most  - fishing. To honor their long time friend and fishing mentor, Meeks and a group of fellow anglers erected a memorial on the DSR property in late September.

The Memorial consists of a bluestone bench crafted near the Delaware River, a rock from Sandy Creek, and a plaque made in Utica. Each element represents significant locations in Hap's life and serve as an ongoing reminder of Hap's love for fishing.

In addition to erecting the Memorial which sits at the top of the main stairs on DSR property, Meeks organized a Benefit Drawing to assist Hap's family with costs related to his illness and passing.

More than two dozen prizes have been donated by major fishing brands, artists, and local vendors including Shimano, Diawa, Redington and Sage. Three limited edition paintings by well known local outdoor artist Mike Ringer will also be given way in the random drawing on December 14 at the DSR Welcome Center.

Drawing tickets are available at the Welcome Center and from individual fisherman selling books of tickets for $5/each or five tickets for $20. Winners  will be notified directly, and do not have to be present to win.  Call the DSR at 315-298-6672 for more information.