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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. The DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the release from the dam is less than 2,000 cfs.

NOTICE RE: PASS BUYING Online passes are available for purchase until 4:00 AM the day before you plan to fish. After 4:00 AM, passes can be purchased on-site at the DSR.

This means passes are available for purchase at the Ticket Booth only, the entire day before you plan to fish.

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Fishing Report
Still A Trickle
Tue, September 1, 2015

Most anglers on the run today sighting numerous fish.  "A fish here and there, regularly but not continuously" was a common report.  Another frequent report was that those anglers that sa ...

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Catch & Release Technique

Practicing proper Catch & Release technique is essential to the long term livelihood of a healthy fishery.  “DSR promotes sports fishing through conservation and education, providing a safe, clean and enjoyable fishing experience now and for the future,” says Garrett Brancy, River Manager at DSR. “Teaching and practicing proper Catch & Release supports conservation of the resource and a healthy fishing community.”


After landing a fish, the best chance to increase the fish’s survival, Brancy emphasizes, is to “keep fish in the water as much as possible, avoid pulling it up onto dry rocks or land, take photos quickly, and be committed to taking time necessary for a successful release.”

Once back in the water the fish needs time to catch its breath. To increase the likelihood of survival, a fish needs abundant oxygen present in moving water to help activate its gills. Remember to always:

  • Reintroduce fish to moving water - not slow flowing or stagnant water
  • Look for moderate current with air bubbles and place the fish in the current
  • Keep the fish pointed upstream in the current so running water flows thru their gills. Essentially, the oxygenated water breathes for the fish while it re-gains its stamina.

Catch & release is more than the ethical treatment of fish. This conservation minded practice allows individual fish to live longer and complete their breeding cycle thus perpetuating the species.

Healthy, sustainable fish populations mean anglers have better chances for positive fishing experiences! 

For demonstrations of proper catch and release technique, watch the experienced anglers in these three great videos!

Catch and Release Trout

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