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Beginning 9/30/16



Standing Notice

When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs.

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Evening fishing report 29 Sept
Thu, September 29, 2016

Evening Fishing report: clients coming off the river report a great day, Many hook ups. One angler reported 100 ...

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Address:Pulaski, New York

DSR River Patrol Support Culture of Sportsmanship

2016 Angler Survey Seeks Your Responses

In February this year, DSR conducted our annual angler survey to learn more about our guest’s experiences and solicit their suggestions for improvements. We learned that our guests value sportsmanship and ethical fishing practice more than almost anything in their pursuit of a great fishing experience. DSR anglers are sportsmen at heart.

Candidly, we were not surprised by the results. As a matter of fact, we’re happy to know that sportsmanship is key to a memorable fishing experience here at the DSR, as we have historically invested in creating that kind of experience. One of the primary means to provide an atmosphere of sportsmanship and ethical fishing practice has been our River Patrol.

Since 1988, River Patrol has been present to create and maintain the positive sportsmanship focused environment that the DSR has become known for through a few key responsibilities.
     1. Guest safety
     2. Providing friendly helpful customer service and fishing advice
     3. Upholding sportsmanship and ethical fishing practice
     4. Upholding private property and fishing rights of all landowners

Each salmon season, the DSR employs and trains roughly 35 River Patrol personnel with six River Patrol Staff assigned per shift, two shifts per day. Collectively, the River Patrol put in more than 6,000 man hours in a 9 week Salmon Season.

The River Patrol staff come from many backgrounds - high school and college students, retired police, military officers, former college professors, business professionals and more than a few DSR season pass holders. One thing that brings them all together is their love of fishing.

This fall, we want to learn more about how the River Patrol can help improve the angling experience while fishing at DSR.  Starting Sept. 15, we’ll be conducting a short, on-river and Welcome Center survey that asks anglers about their experience with our River Patrol. We're looking for 4-6 anglers per day to take the survey in random requests for participation from our River Patrol Team Leaders. We will also accept volunteers who want to take the survey at the Welcome Center.

We’d like to thank all those individuals in advance who take the survey for their help in improving the DSR, and the DSR River Patrol, for the future.

See you on the river!

NEW! Season Pass Holder’s FREE Guest Pass Procedures



 DSR is happy to announce changes, based on feedback, to our Season Pass Holder Guest Pass Policy. Changes focus on expanding the time frame for utilizing guest passes and allowing for advance reservations.

  • Guest passes may now be used on any day your season pass is valid based on day pass availability
  • Guest passes may now be reserved in advance during ‘off-peak’ times
    • During ‘off-peak’ times 10 guest passes per day will be available for advance reservations on a first come first serve basis; additional passes may be available for walk ups as space allows
    • During ‘peak’ times up to 10 guest passes are available for walk ups if day passes remain available
For more details, please review the Q&A document below. Should you have questions or be interested in making a guest pass reservation, please contact us. DSR Office: (315) 298-6672 or Email Us
We’re excited to implement these changes as a first step to better serve our seasons pass holders and their guests. As always, we welcome your feedback for future improvements as we continuously innovate toward a memorable fishing experience for all guests.